Organic fertilizer for “precision farming”

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BIB Biobased Industries Bulgaria Ltd. – the miscanthus specialist in Bulgaria – is preparing a technical solution for the production of organic fertilizer in the form of pellets. In early 2022 BIB will start receiving liquid vinasse from a Romanian biorefinery. The vinasse is a a by-product from a technical process during which straw is processed into bioethanol. The liquid substance has valuable ingredients that can be used as the base material for organic fertilizers.

Managing Director Eder (left), company ECOKRAFT, demonstrates Jürgen Eisele (BIB) the construction of the production facilities.

BIB wants to be part of the current developments in the field “precision farming” and manufacture fertilizers with different composition for each batch depending on the requirements of the farmers. In order to be able to process orders promptly, parallel production lines should be set up. Initial negotiations about the production lines have been held in Plattling, Germany, with the company ECOKRAFT.

The Bulgarian city of Vidin was selected for production site because appropriate infrastructure for the export of the finished products is available.

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