The Idea

The northwest part of Bulgaria has a great potential of raw materials that can become a base for the innovative products of the future. 

Chemicals can be extracted from plants for industry, healthcare and various areas of life. Renewable raw materials can replace oil-based products, which are ideal for the recycling sector of the economy. 

Our goals

BIB Biobased
Industries Bulgaria Ltd. wants to help activate agricultural
businesses so that they expand their production in this direction. Related to this is the creation of opportunities for education and additional training in the region. Businesses, schools and the university in Vidin need to have a better connecttion. For this purpose BIB Ltd. wants to build its own transfer base. 

The Team

The team of BIB Ltd. consists of experienced entrepreneurs and young people who are at the beginning of their professional career, but have vast knowledge gained during their education.


Biobased Industries Bulgaria Ltd.
address: 3 Panonia Blvd., 3700 Vidin, Bulgaria
tel.: +359 879 008 590